Learn the talent lessons of history's great leaders

Madan Nagaldinne, Chief People Officer at Outcome Health, outlined leadership lessons from Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great and others. These leaders recognised the important role that mass communication could play in helping them achieve their aims. They were also very keen to capture and utilise the talent of their enemies.

Nieuwe trends ontdekken en bekijken hoe assessments zich nog gaan ontwikkelen in de toekomst

In de voortdurend veranderende zakenwereld ontdekken we huidige trends in assessment en kijken we naar hoe assessments zich in de nabije toekomst zullen gaan ontwikkelen. 

We vinden het interessant om te zien hoe psychometrie impact hebben op hoe een organisatie recruit, zoich ontwikkelt en hun talent behoudt. Maar. het werk verandert snel  en om u te helpen het spelletje voor te blijven, monitoren wij wat er in de markt gebeurt, de trends die we zien en de nieuwe eisen van organisaties om hun concurrentievoordeel te behouden.  

Hier stellen we enkele van deze interessante verschuivingen samen die nu in bedrijven plaatsvinden, en hoe we klanten helpen om die veranderingen te beheren. Daarnaast zullen we hun beoordeling hierover aanpassen. 

Article: Recruiting through the minefield of GDPR

The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not just an issue for legal and IT teams; recruiters need to understand where it applies – and where it doesn’t – and act accordingly, says Andreas Lohff, co-founder and chief executive officer of Aon's Assessment Solutions.

If you want to learn even more about the new GDPR regulations, you can read Aon's GDPR compliance document, stating how the regulations will impact on recruitment and the handling of candidate data.


Talent 2021: What is shaping talent trends

Read this e-book to discover how our approach to talent will change in the coming years and learn that:


  • The ‘millennial’ generation is changing how we view leadership and what is needed.
  • The move to a more continuous approach to listening to our employees means adapting how we measure employee engagement.
  • Assessments via smartphones is an increasing trend–  as is doing more with the data generated at all assessment touchpoints.
  • There will be a change in sales competencies that businesses need.
  • How HR will transform its service model – and what the changes in HR technology will mean for organisations.

Sneak preview: Understanding how voice analysis can add value

We are investigating several areas where voice analysis may add value to ability and personality assessment. Based on video or phone interviews, people's voices are analysed by computers based on a range of elements such as speed, rhythm, melody and pitch on one hand, as well as sentence length based on word count, frequency of certain words, complexity of language e.g. use of subordinate clauses.

We know that voice, among other things, have a high impact on how we perceive someone to be. The impression someone makes by clothes, looks and voice has a huge influence on the ratings someone gets in an Assessment Centre. From a psychometrics point of view this raises the question as to whether we can assess the level of likability based on voice – and to what extent that has relevance for a job. An example might be telesales staff: If someone has a pleasant voice, we tend to like them, and therefore may listen more and ultimately buy more. We are looking into whether ‘likability’ can be linked to voice and if yes, then what is the correlation between likability based on voice and success in the job.

Another area where psychometric assessment could be complemented by voice analysis is for senior managers in executive assessment or 360 feedback to provide a comparison between how the person is (ability and personality assessment) and the impact he or she has on others (voice analysis). Especially for senior managers, who often are not provided with honest feedback and interactions due to hierarchy, this could be a valuable insight.

Watch this space! We will keep you posted.

Sneak preview: van sollicitanten klanten maken

Verscheidene organisaties hebben de pijnlijke ervaring gehad, om met het afwijzen van een kandidaat voor een functie, een klant te verliezen. Virgin Media lanceerde bijvoorbeeld de "Rejected Candidate Survey"  voor de mensen die de baan niet aangeboden kregen.  De resultaten vertelden dat 18% van deze sollicitanten ook klanten waren. Het ging hier over ruim 7500 (6%) van het totaal aantal sollicitanten. Deze slechte manier van werven en selecteren zorgde ervoor dat dit percentage  overstapte naar een concurrent van Virgin Media (cielo, April 2016). Aon's Assessment Solutions werkt nu met een grote luchtvaartmaatschappij om een vouchersysteem te ontwikkelen wat er voor zorgt dat kandidaten nog steeds gemotiveerd blijven om klant te zijn, ook als ze niet succesvol in de selectieronde zijn geweest. 

Welkom in de nieuwe wereld van Game-assessments

Aon's Assessment Solutions ontwikkelt next-generation 'gamified assessments' , welke recruiters kunnen gebruiken in hun werving- en selectieproces. "Gamified assessments bieden bedrijven de kans om hun kandidaten een meeslepende ervaring te leveren, maar bieden ook rigoreuze psychometrische inzichten in de kwaliteiten, capaciteiten en prestatiemogelijkheden van de kandidaten die zich aanbieden voor de functie," aldus Dr Achim Preuss van Aon.

White Paper: Talent Pulse study on talent trends and practices

The McLagan Talent Pulse Study is a broad study of talent management practices at financial services firms.

The study follows the employment lifecycle, starting with firms’ human capital strategies, followed by questions about selection, performance management, engagement, development, leadership, and HR function effectiveness.

Further HR and assessment trends

  • Strength Based Assessment: Read here about what strength based assessment is. In this article Howard Grosvenor, Director of Professional Services at Aon's Assessment Solutions UK, offers an insight into how strength-based assessment can be used.
  • Trends in graduate recruitment: Our observations from working with corporate graduate recruiters and those organisations which support graduates as they embark on their careers
  • The future of assessment in retail and hospitality: Hot topics and themes from the Global Retail and Hospitality Talent Summit 2016

Emerging trends: Pre-application and mobile testing are here to stay

Firstly, the growth of pre-application assessment. This involves educating potential applicants on the role and the organisation, before they apply, using realistic job previews and situational judgement tests. These assessments benefit both employers and jobseekers, as they help organisations find the right people whilst stopping browsers from applying for jobs that aren’t suitable for them.

The second trend is the rise of mobile assessment. A growing number of employers now offer tests which can be completed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This gives candidates greater choice and flexibility around how and when they complete their test. The larger the company, the greater the demand for mobile assessment.

“Creating assessments that will work effectively on mobile devices, without compromising the user experience, is a big challenge for test developers as you have to work within the limitations of different screen sizes,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Managing Director of Aon's Assessment Solutions. “Experience and capability in mobile assessment are now amongst the key factors that employers look for when choosing a test provider.”

HR and recruitment teams around the world should keep an eye on these emerging trends.

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