Growing and keeping the key performers makes business sense

Spotting and winning talent is one thing. Growing and keeping the key performers is the next challenge. Investment in retaining staff brings about incremental business gains and offers stability and predictability. 

Working together with you to understand and define what is critical for the future of your organisation in terms of skills and competencies, we help inform and support your talent strategy with predictive analytics and cutting-edge Online Assessments. 

Need help with your development or rentention strategy?

Career development for young professionals

Aon built a self guided career navigator for Deutsche Bahn, which analyses the preferences, attitudes and interests of young employees and shows them potential career path options within the company.

"We wanted to create a tool that helped us providing employees with transparency and thereby retain talent in the company."

Development and retention reference projects

Predict engagement to improve retention

Research shows that an employee’s personality can have a big influence on how engaged they are at work. In other words, some people are just “wired for engagement.”

This white paper discusses the specific personality traits that are related to higher levels of employee engagement, which can in turn lead to advantages for your organisation. To learn more about the specific personality traits associated with engagement and how to incorporate engagement into your hiring processes, order your free white paper below.

Predictive analytics for development

We work with you to define business critical behaviours, future proof your competency models, and can do gap analysis to establish development paths - on a individual, team, department or corporate level. 

Reports for development are designed against validated competency models for key profiles in your business. The reports can be structured for self-interpretation, allowing self-guided learning and development, or embedded in a support programme. 

Reports become immediately available upon completion of an assessment and reports are designed to reflect your competency model and corporate language. Reports can be generated in a different language to which the assessments were taken in - allowing international teams and development activities.

Increasing profitability through more effective recruitment at Transcom

Transcom is transforming its business by taking the unusual step of focusing on the issue of ‘tenure’ when selecting its call centre operatives. Transcom is a global customer experience specialist, providing customer care, sales, technical support and credit management services to organisations through an extensive network of contact centres and agents who work-at-home. Having established that the strongest single predictor of employee performance is the length of time they’ve spent in the company, Aon and Transcom developed a personality and ability profile which aims to predict whether potential candidates ‘intend to leave’.

The results of this initiative show that the likely tenure of the top 10% of candidates - those who most closely match Aon’s personality and ability profile - will be 130% higher than the rest of the applicant pool. Given that tenure strongly correlates with performance, this means that those candidates will perform better in the role. The results also show that if Transcom appoints candidates who are more inclined to stay with the company than leave, based on their selection test scores, the average likely tenure of those recruited will be 50% higher. Transcom believes that addressing this issue of ‘tenure’ at the selection stage will enhance its profitability, in a measurable and repeatable way.

White Paper: Predicting who will be a successful expatriate

Sending employeed to live and work abroad involves a significant expense, so organisations have to look beyond the technical skills of candidates and ensure that they are choosing the right people for the right reasons.

Read this report to get a close look at previous research and a recent study, as well as a best practice model for predicting success as an expatriate.

Burger King doubles retention rate

Retention rate doubled for the accelerated Leadership Development Programme after introducing Aon ability and personality assessments to ensure cultural alignment. 

  • The challenge: selecting leaders ready to take the bold decisions of the future
  • The solution: finely tuned assessment process focussing on skills and cultural fit
  • The outcome: increased retention and fast promotion – the results of right recruitment choices.

360 degree feedback provides focus for development

360 degree feedback signposts key priority areas for development. It gathers input from peers, customers and managers and combines this with a self-view of what action needs to be taken. Our online 360 tool is fully tailorable to your company’s corporate brand elements and corporate competencies so you can be sure you are measuring against your own benchmark and standards.

But we offer more than 360 to inform development. Our personality questionnaires can deliver development reports, again highlighting the areas where competency development can be focused. 

Using gamification to support learning and development

Applying gamification techniques and technology to your development interventions can drive up engagement. Not only can it make your e-learning and online programmes more attractive from the outset, but adding in reward collection, level unlocking and other gamification features, your employees will be more involved, drawn to and immersed in the training and development activity and more likely to access it more often.

Examples of this include awarding points for successful completion of training or task levels, ability to unlock different parts of the screen or games and collecting tokens for skill acquisition or knowledge learning.

Increasing effectiveness amongst management teams

effect gives a management team an insight into its own strengths and development areas as well as providing concrete suggestions on how to improve its effectiveness.

The last 40 years of research on management teams and own research on Norwegian and Danish management teams looked at the following questions: 

  • What kind of results do effective management teams create?
  • Which factors influence the quality of these results?
  • What questions do we have to ask to measure the quality of a management team’s results and the factors that influence these results?

effect is the result of a cooperation between Aon's Assessment Solutions and Bang & Midelfart and is an online tool to help measure and develop the effectiveness of management teams. It is a research based online questionnaire that measures how management teams function along 27 factors that are indicators on or essential for the results the management team achieves.

The output is a set of recommendations comprising the management team’s five most prominent strengths, as well as five areas to improve team effectiveness. The strengths and weaknesses are the five factors with the highest and lowest average scores, respectively, as rated by the management team members. 

Autonomous professional development

How can we get our staff to take responsibility for their own development and in this way grow the organisation?

Aon helps you to help your employees through self-directed HR development

  • The responsibility for own professional and personal development lies increasingly where it belongs: with oneself. Task of HR is to support the employees and managers in their self development.
  • In order to grow, employees and managers need a good understanding of their strengths and development areas, their values and ambitions. Aon's Assessment Solutions provides innovative methods for online assessment which support people in developing the correct competencies for the business.

Commerzbank makes staff responsible for their own growth

A recent corporate survey at Commerzbank revealed an increasing demand from employees for empowerment and a clear culture of responsibility which allows managers and direct reports more autonomy to create efficient procedures.

The innovative and future thinking HR Development team wanted to meet this challenge by supporting a feedback and performance culture. This was to be based on providing managers with an instrument for regular potential assessment and career planning for their direct reports. The process needed to ensure that direct reports get feedback on their performance and potential regularly and that agreements on individual development plans are mutually confirmed. Human resources within Commerzbank has become increasingly important with high professionalism and supreme customer orientation as key distinguishing features. 


  • The challenge: meeting development needs with a reliable process 
  • The solution: design and implementation of a workflow integrating Online Assessment tools
  • The outcome: improved performance and employees satisfaction ratings

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