cut-e creates robust assessments that make the most of technology

We create fair, engaging and positive assessments whilst maintaining the strictest test principles and maximising what technology has to offer. The world of technology is constantly evolving. And so is our expertise.

We understand and harness technological developments, whether in terms of technical integration with online HR or applicant systems (HRIS / ATS), developing tests and questionnaires optimised for mobile devices - or simply presenting assessment results in ways which applicants and talent professionals want and expect. This can be bite-sized for immediate feedback on smartphones or as secured pdf documents for storage.


David Barrett speaks at SRTech about the Future of Talent, Technology & Social

Unparalleled integration expertise

We have years of experience integrating with a wide range of HR and ATS systems and have pioneered HR-XML as the standard to work with. Our unique blend of HR expertise, IT skills and project management experience ensure that the plan is good and that the plan gets implemented - on time and on budget. We have excellent working relationships with a wide range of integration partners and have completed projects from large and complex, to small and straight forward. If you are thinking of integrating your psychometric assessments with existing or new HR systems, come and talk to us. We have the range of assessments and the technical experience to make it happen for you.  

Truly mobile assessment solutions

We know what it takes to optimise psychometric assessments for mobile devices. We have done it successfully: it's one thing to translate tests and questionnaires into HTML5, but the more tricky challenges lie in making it look good, and react as the user would expect and understanding in what situations it is appropriate to carry out a test on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

With such a range of devices, operating systems and connections it is important to ensure that the tests maintain their psychometric properties and yet remain fair, reliable and objective. We are constantly researching into user acceptance, behaviour and expectations to make sure we design and develop assessments that are future-proofed.

Article: Finding talent in the giant ‘goldfish pond’: achieving success with candidate-centred Web 2.0 recruitment

Finding the best talent and then retaining it within the organisation is essential for business success. But how can talent responsibles find and engage with candidates who aren’t currently looking for a job or don’t really recognise their own skills and talents? These people are known ‘goldfish’.

Across the world, businesses are searching for the best talent. But how do they find these talented people when they’re nowhere to be seen? ‘Talent Solution 2014’, a worldwide study of the LinkedIn social network, found that 85 per cent of respondents are open to a change of role – but, in practice, only 25 per cent are actively seeking a new job. 

So, how can the more passive individuals in a talent pool be reached and goaded to action? What is a talent made of, and how does a personnel professional identify exactly those people who fit the job? The answers to these questions provide new approaches to candidate-centred recruitment: online recruiting 2.0.

cut-e takes data protection very seriously - did you know?

We take data protection very seriously. With the help of cut-e services important selection and development decisions are based. For this purpose, cut-e develops and delivers suitable diagnostic solutions. We ensure that these solutions fulfill the legal requirements for confidentiality and integrity of processed personal data. 

Here are just some of the things we are doing to ensure your data is handled in full compliance:

  • cut-e has the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for information security management systems. As part of this certification we have documented data security and protection information concerning cut-e main applications. 
  • cut-e has an internal information security user policy containing the generally applicable regulations for using the IT infrastructure and IT solutions that cut-e GmbH exclusively makes available to employees or users for them to complete their work.
  • cut-e has a dedicated data security engineer as well as an external data security engineer provided by the company Intersoft Consulting Services AG in Germany.
  • cut-e has a Statement of Privacy describing how cut-e collects, uses and safeguards personal information that anyone may provide to us. We are committed to promoting confidence in the manner in which your personal information is handled by us. In this regard, we act ethically and as evidence of this commitment, we comply with the privacy and data protection requirements of the countries in which we operate.

Data protection questions any serious assessment supplier should be able to answer

Based on input from our external data security engineer from Intersoft Consulting Services, there are three basic areas which any assessment supplier should be able to give information about in terms of data protection and privacy: 

  • A company needs to have a named employee responsible for data protection and privacy.
  • A company needs to be able to state its public proceedings register (in Germany this is according to § 4e Federal German data protection law (BDSG)). Each country has its own governing body. 
  • A company needs to be able to explain where personal data is stored and who has access to it

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