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With great predictive validity assessment centres and development centres will continue to play an important role in identifying those with the right skills and behaviours to be hired or promoted.  And now, organisations will be able to make such events more efficient and more robust by implementing enAC – the online paperless assessment centre software.

"enAC provides a very good customer experience: It is a modern digital solution and has received extraordinary feedback by users."

Andreas Deck, HR Learning & Development, SIX Group AG

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enAC paperless assessment centre by Aon

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enAC is a paperless platform which manages each stage of an assessment or development centre, executed online via a tablet device or a laptop/desktop. enAC is deployed in real time, with customised content based on specific client and role requirements. enAC can be integrated into any applicant tracking system, and can contain inbuilt psychometric tests and questionnaires from the full suite of cut-e assessments.

With enAC, candidates access personalised schedules, task instructions and group exercises, while assessors access information about candidates. enAC reduces human error as well as securely storing sensitive information. After the candidates have completed all tasks of the paperless assessment centre, an instantly available competency-based report becomes available. Interviewers are able to instantly access competency-based interview questions through the in-built competency model.

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Interactive Report

The assessment report is now available on our enAC platform in an interactive format. You decide whether you prefer to see:  the final competency ratings only, read the summary of the report, or look at the entire report.

If you have multiple applicants who have applied for the same position, or are benchmarking across individuals within the organisation, you can take advantage of our candidate comparison function to see relative strengths and vulnerabilities of all the candidates at a glance.

The report can be released individually to assessment candidates and to other authorised parties.  


Simplify your Assessment and Development Centres with enAC

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to look inside the head of each candidate? Our comprehensive digital assessment tool enAC helps you to figure out what everyone is capable of. Find out how you can make enAC your solution to increase the number of good candidates and not the paperwork.


How to make your assessment centres paperless

All of the cut-e assessments are accessible within enAC as well as our concrete development measures and competency-based interview questions. You need to decide which tests to use and how these are to be combined for a specific assessment event using the in-built assessment matrix. You can match the assessments to your own competencies or use the competency framework developed by papilio ltd. already within the enAC system.

How enAC adds value

enAC is more than just a repository of cut-e assessments which can be called upon for use at a candidate testing event. It helps you organise, manage and resource the Assessment or Development Centre making administration more efficient and the collation of comments and test scores instant and free from human transcription error. And that is very different from other Assessment Centre software.

"We have used cut-e's paperless assessment centre enAC for many assessment centres in multiple business areas and are delighted with the results. enAC creates an engaging and stress-free process for assessors and candidates and allows us to make quality hiring decisions quicker."

Andrea Jones - Resourcing Business Partner Early Careers, O2 Telefonica

enAC benefits

  • Entirely web-based – your candidates will get a great impression of your company compared to others using only more traditional Assessment Centres
  • Efficient and consistent assessment process  – processes are defined by you in the set-up so every candidate experiences the same approach and you save time managing the logistics  
  • Assessors save time – entry of comments can be done on a tablet device removing the need to transcribe handwritten notes
  • Paperless and secure –no longer a need to collate and print assessment material or be concerned about assessor notes going astray. Everything is kept secure in one place that is easily accessible when necessary by those needing the information

Who benefits from enAC?

  • Candidates can complete all assessments and exercises online.
  • Assessors are able to access relevant candidate information, enter comments and notes directly into the system via a tablet device without needing to transcribe notes and risk the errors associated with this.
  • HR can access all candidate information, scores, notes and reports in a single place – and without delay.
  • Administrators save time in setting up assessment centres and are able to manage changes, updates and communication easily.

"We have integrated cut-e's paperless assessment centre into our selection process for both pilots and cabin crew. The simplicity of the scoring and validity of results allows us to select the very best talent in a seamless and impactful way."

Christopher Murphy, Volume Recruitment Manager - easyJet

"Using the cut-e paperless assessment centre technology enAC helps us to maximise objectivity at assessment centre stage, ensuring the focus is on behavioural fit and not background. It also ensures an innovative and straightforward experience for both assessors and candidates."

Stuart Woods, Talent and Capability Manager - Early Careers at Bank of Ireland

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