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Introducing chatAssess – the first psychometric communication game.
The latest Situational Judgement Test by cut-e feels real to candidates and is engaging and fun to complete. chatAssess is tailored to your organisation, for any role, using company specific situations and competencies. Candidates prefer chatAssess to traditional SJTs.

cut-e's new communications game

cut-e has launched a new customisable, psychometric communications game: chatAssess.
This powerful situational judgement tool adopts the instant messaging style of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to assess a candidate’s strengths, personality characteristics and abilities. The 6 – 15 minute assessment was developed for use in early screening and attraction stages of graduate and apprentice recruitment. chatAssess has been designed for use with smartphones as well as working easily on tablets, laptops and desktop devices.

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chatAssess – Work-related Interests and Motivations

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What does this assessment measure?

Behaviour, personality and ability in client specific work-based scenario and using mobile, interactive technology and simulating real-time instant-messaging.

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with incoming real-life work messages from different people and responds by selecting from one of the answer options given. Based on the test taker response, subsequent questions or situations are presented. The test uses a simulated instant-messaging format and making for a more realistic and enjoyable presentation than traditional situational judgement tests.

award winning

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What makes chatAssess different?

The assessment resembles popular messenger services used on smartphones, making it attractive, engaging and realistic to candidates. They receive incoming instant messages from ‘colleagues’ with specific questions or requests for advice. In real time, the candidate is asked to select a text message response from a number of predefined replies. chatAssess reacts to each response and sends back a further message from the same ‘colleague’. Different ‘colleagues’ will often face different issues or challenges and the candidate must prioritise the tasks and manage all commitments to colleagues and do this under pressure. From a user-experience perspective, chatAssess appeals to millennials and early career candidates by providing a conversational interaction in a familiar format.

Why has cut-e introduced chatAssess?

In many Situational Judgement Tests (SJT), the situations presented lack a sense of reality for the candidates and this can impact user acceptance and compromise test validity. Furthermore, the responses proposed may not feel instinctive for the candidates and sometimes they can be confused about whether to answer ‘what they would do’ or ‘what they think is the right thing to do’. With this in mind, cut-e set out to create a new, valid and immersive SJT that would be both realistic and fun to complete.

How does chatAssess assist organisations?

chatAssess can be used before, or in conjunction with, personality questionnaires or ability tests to enrich the selection process for any organisation and every function. chatAssess provides additional insight into a candidate’s behaviour and how he or she is likely to react when faced with job-relevant scenarios. As with a Realistic Job Preview, this can help inform the candidate about the issues and challenges likely to arise in the role for which they have applied or are thinking about applying.

What are the benefits of chatAssess?

chatAssess allows companies to integrate reliable and robust psychometric tests and situational judgement elements into an engaging and real-feel environment.

  • Quality – chatAssess takes the power of a custom designed SJT and embeds it into a real-time instant-messaging simulation
  • Efficiency – chatAssess measures the strengths, personality and cognitive abilities required in any role, as well as a candidate’s social skills, their conscientiousness, and their ability to organise themselves and manage pressure
  • Customisation – chatAssess is fully customisable to client branding
  • Engagement – The familiar format of chatAssess as an instant messenger appeals to candidates are used to using such tools

Available languages & norm groups
chatAssess can be developed in any of 40 languages. A range of reporting options can also be configured and assessment results can be integrated into the client's Applicant Tracking System.

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