How to recruit an effective salesforce

14.02.2019 15:00 - 17:00
In the recruitment process it is becoming increasing difficult to ensure you are getting the right person for the job, particularly in sales roles. How often have you hired someone based on their strong interview, solid cv but when it comes to selling they let you down.

Hosted by Michael Harris, who will be joined by Talent Assessment expert Serena Murphy, with a case study from global engineering experts Morgan Advanced Materials. They’ll be discussing:

  • Scientifically proven results on how to develop a more effective sales team
  • The core set of competencies that is needed to succeed in the workplace
  • Understand what ‘good’ looks like, and how sales people can be measured and assessed.
  • How to approach sales force effectiveness and take action right now

Start the new year right with a great opportunity to improve predicting job success, increase revenues and enable a more solutions orientated sales approach. Don’t miss out – get your workforce prepared.

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